Air Freight Cargo

It is the quickest way of sending your shipments, handled by a professional and experienced team with a solid network of contacts with the most reliable airlines throughout the whole world, we provide the maximum flexibility and complete schedule of delivery options, meeting the time and costs for all the sensible demands.

Rates are charged by kilogram and calculated by comparing gross weight and volumetric weight. (What ever is greater).

Sea Freight Cargo

It is the most economical way of transporting goods, with two options:

LCL ( Less Than Container Load )

It means that the goods are packed in specially designed timber crates. The goods from Bali are trucked to Surabaya, unloaded and reloaded into the container, then at second time unloaded and reloaded at transshipment port before container depart to the final destination.

Being handled for many times, we recommend to all our customers to take an insurance against possible damages during the transportation, which costs  2.5% of the goods value, being 5% deductible of total sum insurance (TSI). This is all risks insurance Clause Cargo A.

Ethylene Oxide treatment will not be provided for LCL shipment, hence we recommend to send those goods in full container.

FCL - Full Container Load

is available in 20ft (30M3), 40ft (60M3), and 40ft High cube (70M 3). Shipments sent by FCL are loaded in Bali, mostly at our warehouse and unloaded at the final destination; hence there is a considerable less handling and moving of the goods.

When sending anything by LCL more than 13 m3, we will recommend to send it by FCL ( 20 ft ) because it is more efficient in term of cost and time also it is more secure comparing with LCL

Buying Agent

We offer Bali sourcing agent (handicraft buying agent) and Bali shipping agent services to accommodate all Bali Indonesia handicraft buying and shipping needs. Our Bali exports agent service allows our customers to buy handicrafts at almost cost prices.

We are expert in the production of a huge range of wooden handicraft and handicrafts from Bali. We work directly with Bali handicraft produces and negotiate excellent contract rates and thereby supply our clients with only the best value for money Bali handicraft.

We dedicated to providing both the widest range of Bali handicrafts and quality personalized service to our clients. We welcome the challenge of creating or finding new products to meet the needs of evolving markets and can gather comprehensive information and product options.

As we are both an approved Bali shipping agent and Bali buying agent, you can expect both low Bali Indonesia  handicraft prices and international cargo rates.

Our handicraft buying manager and quality control staff see that all wooden handicraft and other handicrafts from Bali are inspected for uniformity, moister content and other strict quality control criteria. Our experienced packing team and warehouse staff see that all wooden handicraft orders are well packed for both safe shipping and maximum use of
container shipping space.

Why Buy Bali Handicrafts Through a Buying Agent?
We know the villages where the best Bali Indonesia handicraft is made. We know and work with the best produces of the best selling wooden handicraft ranges. We do not buy from dealers of Bali handicraft or a Bali export agent. We only deal directly with the producers and because we submit ongoing handicraft orders, we get the best prices and you get to buy Bali handicrafts at almost cost price.

It takes years to learn how to master the art of producing quality handicraft. Bali Indonesia handicraft is found in homes and stores around the world today. However not all Bali Indonesia handicraft is quality wooden handicraft.

Much is produced on mass and little effort is put into art or pride of production. Our Bali export agent experience has taught us how to cement excellent working relationships with carefully selected handicraft producers, who consistently produce the very best handicrafts from Bali Indonesia.

Most Bali exports and Bali Indonesia handicraft is obtained through traders. Sometimes wooden handicraft may have passed through 3-4 agents or dealers before it reaches the Bali shipping agent. Due to this fact the final product cost to the foreign buyer is very much higher than would be the case if products were obtained directly from the producers in the villages. However finding the original producer and successfully producing an order of quality handicraft is no easy task.


Dear Mr. I Made Tuta Permana,
My Crate arrived safely this morning.
Thank you very much indeed for the excellent packing and crating and for all your help.
I will certainly recommend you to any of my friends who need such a service.  Maybe I will need you again on a future visit to your beautiful country.
With my very kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
Michael Daw


Jl.Pulau Alor No.4 Simpang Enam
Denpasar, 80114 Bali - Indonesia
Phone     : 62-361 221923, 8422423
Fax     : 62-361 8422523
Mobile     : 62-81138-7165
Email     :
Web     :


Jl.Raya Singapadu No.36
Br.Sengguan, Gianyar, 80582 Bali - Indonesia
Phone     : 62-361 294-007
Fax     : 62-361 294-007
Mobile     : 62-81138-7165
Email     :
Web     :

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