Packing and Labeling

We offer a complete and professional range of packing the goods. Edges, corners and frames are packed first, and then the whole item is packed again, minimizing the damage risks during handling and transit.

Any fragile items such as glass products, terracotta, stone carving and furniture with glass or mirrors, are reinforced with plywood before packed. All the timber frames and crates are specially designed, for minimizing the possible damages during the transportation and for an ergonomic way of loading the container.

Packing devices exist in various shapes, material and function. Here is a list of the most frequently used ones.

  • Shredded paper: Ideal to protect fragile handicraft as well as light statue.
  • Polycell: It is a kind of bubble pack especially used for fragile item
  • Polyfoam: Thin white plastic coating used on all pieces of furniture.
  • Sponge: Appears in various thicknesses. Good for mirrors and glasses protection.
  • Corner protection: Made of thick carton, this protects cabinet corners in a very efficient manner.
  • Wrapping carton: Used for overall wrapping of pre packed furniture.
  • Plywood crate: Usually used for statues and small ceramics.
  • Wooden structure: They are built around heavy or cumberstone statues.
  • And also: Plastic bag to protect garment against humidity, carton box for handicraft and garment.

Between late November and late February Bali is facing severe rain and humidity. This means that the shipped goods could be damaged by the increasing humidity and the high temperatures in the container.
To reduce those risks we recommend using the following additionally precautions:

  • Silika-Gel: absorbes the humidity, available in different sizes (1, 15 or 50gr.)
  • Humidity Absorbers: are placed along the wall of the container, with a minimum of 4pieces per 20’container and 8pieces per 40’container.
  • Plywood: placed against the walls of the container to protect the goods inside the container from condensation dropping from the wall.

We ensure that the timber frames are clean, dry and free of bark and bug.