A fumigation of your container can be arranged for all destinations. Regulations see “ISPM 15”, above. For further information concerning this issue, please ask our staff.

Is a type of pesticide (pest exterminator drugs) in the temperature and pressure of a certain form of gas, and in a concentration and time can kill certain pests (organisms gadfly).


  • Fumigasi is one of the requirements to export according to international regulations in the various agreements with, among others in the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), which direcomended by the world trade (WTO).
  • Because of the special nature of the fumigant used (type of drug / pesticide forming gas), the required duration (time period) in its implementation with the intention that the fumigant can sew (penetration) is perfect in every commodity in the fumigasi. Therefore, in each fumigasi implementation will begin in the gas (gas discharge), and ended with the gas out (aerasi activities or for menetralisir that no residue gas in the commodity).
  • That need to be reminded to all exporters is, do not leave you in the commodities re-fumigasi (infected or claim) in the country not only because the fumigasi at the time will be sent abroad.