1. Invoice & Packing List
2. Certificate of Origin
3. Bill of Lading for Sea Freight
4. Air Way Bill for Air Freight
5. Export License
6. Customs Clearance
7. Insurance Certificate

Invoice & Packing List .
Are required for customs clearance both here in Indonesia and at the port of destination. It shows on a spreadsheet format in English, details of the goods ; Quantity, Description of goods, box number, price per item ( or set ) and total amount.

Certificate of Origin ( COO ).
This is a summary of the Invoice & Packing List and shows Shipper, Consignee details along with POL ( Port Of Loading ), POD ( Port Of Discharge ). This is a Government document, which is processed by us through the Trade Office. This is required by customs at POD ( Port Of Destination ). This form is also known as a GSP or General Certificate of Preference.
Bill Of Lading / Air Way Bill
This are recognized as The Shipping documents that are required for customs to release the container or Air shipment to the consignee. It shows all shipment's details.

Export License and Customs clearance
These documents are required for Exporting which processed with the relevant Government departments and are not required by customs as Port Of Destination .  

Courier Service
All documents except ‘ Export License ‘ and ‘ papers' which only use for local customs clearance are sent to the Consignee by registered courier, usually DHL or FedEx. This ensures that documents arrive prior to the arrival of the sea shipment. But for the Air Shipment's document will be attached in the shipment.

Special Licenses and Permits
Certain goods may require special licenses and permits due to restrictions or controls on the export of certain commodities. We will be happy to advise you regarding these cases and will be able to offer our services in obtaining the details of such matters.